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Cut Sunflowers

A popular garden flower, the sunflower is a symbol of happiness, dedication, and longevity in a variety of cultures and religions; and in the language of flowers, the giving represents adoration.  The sunflower is native to North and South America and was thought to originate in Mexico and Peru.  It is now a popular commodity throughout Europe and Russia and is grown for seed production (oil, edible seeds and bird seed).  The genus is Helianthus Annuus, which from Greek, means "sun" (Helios) and "flower" (Anthos). 

Here these cheery blooms are popular as cut flowers and are typically sold through the summer and fall seasons.  Single stem varieties are available in a number of shapes and colors.  With their sturdy stems, sunflowers make a great anchor flower for mixed bouquets.  Its large head works well with small flower or tall flower varieties to balance out the width.

Niagara Tulips carries the traditional yellow petal with black button variety.  This single stem sunflower ranges from 60-80cm (24-31") tall!

tulips potted sunflowers
tulips potted sunflowers
tulips potted sunflowers
Fresh cut tulips
Niagara Tulips fresh cut greenhouse
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Niagara Tulips fresh cut greenhouse